Sunday, July 28, 2013

Making the SP4Ed course feed work for you

Try our new feature to mark notes as favourites. Ensure that the notes you like are secured a place in the list of popular recent notes. The current  list of popular recent notes is displayed on the course homepage.   You will need to login to WikiEducator to use this feature. 

We are trialling a new feature during SP4Ed 13.07 providing students the ability to mark notes in the aggregated feed as their favourites. As a prototype feature, this may not work on all mobile devices during the testing phase. However, you should be able to vote when logged in to WikiEducator using a desktop computer or notebook. Login to WikiEducator and click on the "star" to favourite a note. 

In addition to marking your favourite posts there are a few other features which will assist you in navigating to the original posts so that you can reply and comment using the original source technology.  In most cases, you will need to login to reply to the original post.  The graphic below highlights key links you can use in making the SP4Ed feed work better for you. 

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